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  1、What was your least favorite job?


  I do not like the work of scientific research. In my opinion, this kind of jobis boring. Compared with scientific research, I prefer to communicate withpeople. Just like the old saying, traveling is better than reading ten thousandbooks. Journey is not as good as reading countless people.

  2、How long will you stay with ourairline? What kind of contributions will you make to our airline?


  First of all I have to say I love this profession, so I would like to devoteall to this career till I can not contribute anything to this job. I will manageto fulfill my duties without any complain.

  3、What would your coworkers say about you?你的同事是怎么谈论你的?



  My friends said I am reliable, because I will fulfill all the promises that Imade. I will not make a promise if I can not do that. My friends also think Iam an easy-going person. Because I like to consider the problems on the other’s point of view, I can make friens with different kindof people.

  4、What would your previous supervisors sayabout you?他说我是个很上进的人,责任心很强,因为我总能超额完成任务,所以他说我是个很有能力的人。

  He said I am a positive person with strong sense of responsibility. I can overfulfill the task, so he also think I am a good employee who has ability.

  5、What were the people like at your lastcompany?


  Everyone there is friendly. They would greet me with smile every morning. Theywill never isolate anyone and there is no cheating between them. I like to workwith them I feel happy to work under this situation. When I feel sad, mycolleague there will encourage me to make me feel that I am not lonely. I getalong with them well. We are like a family.

  6、What did you dislike about your lastemployer?我没有不喜欢我的上一个老板,他是个很热心的人,而且具有组织能力,和经济头脑,他没有任何领导架子,很平易惊人,对我们每一个人都很好,所有跟他接触过的人都很喜欢他。

  I like my last boss. He is enthusiastic with strong ability of organization. Heis an easygoing person with good economic mind and treats every staff. Well.All the people will like him if they know about him. .

  7、If you could change one thing about yourlast employer, what would it be?


  I do not think he needs to change anything. He is very nice..If I have tochoose one, I hope that he can become thin, though he looks cute now.

  8、Were you satisfied with your performance atyour last job?


  Yes, I am satisfied with my performance. I managed to do the things that Ishould do and treated every people around me sincerely. I have done my best tohelp my colleagues and have never done something regretful.

  9、Was your previous employer satisfied withyour performance?


  I think he is satisfied with me. Because I always have a good attitude towardthe job and fulfill the task he arranged to me in advance, and do my best tobring benefits to the company.

  10、Have you ever been fired?


  Never. Salesman ismy first job. I resigned two months ago.

  11、Have you ever been asked to resign fromanother job?


  I did not have such experience until now. But I believe I can find a better jobbecause of my ability.

  12、Can we check your references? Andwhat will your references say? 你的证书能说明什么?


  13、How many sick days did you take last year?去年你请了多少病假


  My healthy condition is good. I am healthy. I have never asked for leavebecause of sickness last year.

  14、Is this typical?(这是什么面试问题,没看懂)

  Personality and Motivation30、Do you consider yourself a success?


  The meaning of success is broad. For me success is to fulfill the goal that Ihave set. I will depart my ultimate goal in to many small goals. And realizethese small goals one by one so that I can get my ultimate goal in the nearfuture.

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